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Man of Covid #2 © Sandra Chen Weinstein  

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Man of Covid Exhibition Opens May 31.2022
sandra chen weinstein
Jun 1, 2022
Man of Covid
Disruption Exhibition
May 31- June 15 2022

I am thrilled and honored to announce my work, "Man of Covid", series/images will be part of “Disruption” in-venue exhibition at Auckland Festival of Photography. Many thanks to the amazing director, Julia Durkin, and team of AFOP .

I am especially honored to show my work along with Ami Vitale – Vital Impacts. Gideon Mendel - the water chapters – disruption, and KLPA Photo, Awards.  

Auckland Festival of Photography Art and Contemporary Art, Welcome
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Sandra Chen Weinstein

Sandra Chen Weinstein is a self-taught photographer residing in Southern California. She has lived in Washington, DC. , Japan, Taiwan, China from mid-80 to 93 while working at American Agency. She studied Ceramics in Japan and DC before she started her photography in 2007.
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